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Dinah Might Rocks the World

In August, I received the following email from Michael Woods who lives in the UK:

Hello Mr Montana,

My name is Michael Woods and while searching for WWII nose art and '40s pin-up on the internet for guitar decoration ideas, I came across your site. I have found a company, Classic Insignia Inc that produces Dinah Might decals and hope that the will post to the UK, where I live. I aim to have the decal on my Epiphone Studio Dot guitar.

What I would like to ask you about is this motto that you say your grandfather had: "Good Girls Wont But Dinah Might". I was wondering if you had a phot of this painted onto the PT-171. As I would like to reproduce a decal of this too, to accompany the image of Dinah Might. I hope you don't find what I would like to use this history for to be in any bad taste as a serviceman myself I have a deep respect for current and former servicemen who have fought for their country. I felt that this image and if possible the motto would give my guitar decoration more meaning than just a simple pin-up.

Many thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply...

Michael Woods

XV (R) Squadron
RAF Lossiemouth

What can I say to such a request? We're not worthy! We're not worthy!.

A few weeks later, Mr Woods sent me photos of 'Dinah Might' guitar (Click an image for full size):

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