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These drawings were drawn by Emerson Cole while on duty with PT-171. He has donated them to the PT Museum in Fall River, MA.

Earlier this year (2005), I went to the Phillipines, and saw for myself a nearly exact scene - 60+ years later. The same kind of boats are used more commonly than autos!

I don't know who drew this image, it was in the collection, but it was drawn just after the invasion of Balikpapan. Notice the RON-10 insignia at the lower right.

The back of this drawing has the note "Invasion of Balikpapan 1 July 1945", and the front has the autograph with a date of "11-15-45" (assuming he drew this some months afterwards)

Note on back says "Invasion of Balikpapan", and the autograph is dated "7-15-1945".

This drawing shows the crew taking a moment to relax while on station in the Phillipines. Its dated "11-Nov-45".

It takes a moment to understand the perspective, but the drawing is the harbor of Samar (Phillipines) from the fore-deck of the PT boat. Along the top edge of drawing is a temporary canvas that the crews would setup for sun-shade

A drawing from a different collection at Battleship Cove. As a software consultant, I got a good chuckle at the Elco tech guy hanging on the radar mast. Seems like consultants have been getting the same rap for decades.

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