Letters Home - Frank Kassay - Feb 22, 1945
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Feb 22, 1945

The Newark Star-Ledger will send a $2 money order to each overseas service man whose letter back home appears in this column. Send a clear address for the service man who wrote the letter with each entry you submit. Address all contributions to "Letters Home", Editor, Star Ledger.


Seaman First Class Frank W. Kassay, 89 Cabinet St, Newark, NJ writes a winning letter to his young children Billy and Helen from the South Pacific. He writes:

"This little vacation I'm taking is only going to last a short time, and we're making sure you wont have to take one some day. Don't think your father is a big brave man because , because he is only a little skinny guy, half scared to death of what might happen tomorrow. But remember always, his heart and affections are all home-Mommy is holding them until I come back when you and I will have real good times just as quick as I can get there. You are the man of the house now - take care of Mommy and Helen ..."

To his daughter Seaman Kassay writes: "You are a little too young to understand, but you are smart as a whip, so I'm going to tell you that I had a dream about you last night. Yep, you were playing with that big Teddy bear and crying for your bottle. And when I do come home, remember I get the first date, before all those lucky guys start calling ... don't think you can get another boyfriend because this one you can't get rid of so easy ... you and Billy gang up on Mommy now and don't let her get lonesome."

Frank Kassay - Dec 1944

At about this time he was at PT Base 6, in Papau New Guinea. He joined the crew of PT-171 in March-45. He was 22 at the time.

This wouldn't be the last time that PT-171 made the papers back home.

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